The Dawn Of A New Supersonic Era: United Airlines Is In The Lead

With the launch of any aircraft type, orders and major commitments from airlines can often cause a ‘snowball effect.’ Something that was previously obscure and niche suddenly gains credibility and increased financial backing and becomes more lucrative. Yesterday’s shocking announcement from United Airlines for up to 50 Boom Overtures might just lead to even more airline interest in supersonic commercial air travel.

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This is so cool…I’ll be waiting for the first flight!

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Same here. Hope this goes ahead :smiley:


I am excited but kind of nervous at the same time for this. I’m not ready for supersonic travel!

Likewise. I don’t like change especially in the aviation industry. Idk it’s just the future doesn’t look so bright when it comes to pilots and the climate. :man_shrugging:

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Concorde failed and so will this

Why do you think so?

It’ll end up like Concorde and why would we want to fly supersonic travel it’s a recipe for disaster

I have difficulty so sorry if I don’t use correct grammar or process information

I understand what you mean but i’m looking forward to it. I have to do some more research though on the engineering side of things. On an environmental perspective this is great but we will just have to wait and see!

Lol no worries, we are not the grammar community. :crazy_face:

Maybe texas is but that’s it. lol

@oklahomaaviation enters the chat.

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Tsk tsk tsk y’all

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I am too :wink:

Anyway, great to see a Concorde 2.0! Finally!
And with zero emissions, it’s even better for the environment!

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I dont think I trust supersonic aircraft yet

Why not? It’s just a plane with higher MMO, redesigned fuselage and wing and different engines.

Yes I prefer staying at .82 mach. Plus, why would I want to get off a plane quicker than I have to?


Good point :joy::joy:

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Stick me on a trans-pacific C172 and thats sweet

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