The Evolution Of easyJet's Livery

Since taking to the skies above Europe in the mid-1990s, easyJet's white and orange aircraft have been some of the most distinctive in the region. While these main colors have remained consistent throughout the carrier's history, it has made a handful of adaptations along the way, and produced certain special liveries.

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Interesting. From memory I think Ryanair had the first website? Can’t really remember

Word on the street is you paid simple flying to do this article ondrejjj

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The street might be onto something :eyes: jk lol

What a nerd they put their phone number on their planes… what are they trying to do pick up girls🤣

Tbh I love this look, they should stick with it

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Too colourful. Too much paint. Too heavy more money spent.

That’s probably what they will think :frowning:

I like it too

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Isn’t white paint just as expensive and heavy as orange paint?:thinking:

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No idea lol good question though

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