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The future, but when and how?

Hey everyone!

I recently watched this video Flying Car! Watch AirCar complete FIRST inter-city flight (Full Video) - YouTube (watch till the end to see wings and tail transform).

I have always been into the development of these flying cars but recently the amount of companies making them has skyrocketed. So many things would need to happen for this to be made a public thing and I wonder realistically how far we are away from that… there are so many factors that play into this so I wonder what you guys think…
Maybe just give your opinion or some pros and cons of this, I’m interested to hear what you guys think.
Feel free to link below similar videos or articles about this topic!


Personally I think flying cars are a waste of time. I don’t know why I think this but I do. Only positive is no potholes :sunglasses:

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I think hovercars would be cool but having to go to an airport to takeoff your flying car would just waste time and airspaces would be messed up. I think if they had vertical lyft and could takeoff out of your driveway that would pretty cool. Imagine the new kinds of licenses everyone would need, certainly wouldn’t be for everyone lol!

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