The Nicest VA yet: Breeze Airways Virtual (AW-MXY) Official Thread

Hello :aww: and welcome to the official thread of Breeze Airways Virtual, the AWVAA’s nicest airline yet!


Breeze Airways Virtual reaches eighteen different airports with our forty-two different cities across the east and the central United States. We are proud to provide dozens of routes not serviced nonstop by any other airline. We bring service to your backyard, reaching smaller airports not usually serviced by other airlines!


Complete Route Database

Moxy 601: Long Island (KISP) - Charleston (KCHS)
Moxy 602: Long Island (KISP) - Norfolk (KORF)
Moxy 603: Palm Beach (KPBI) - Canton-Akron (KCAK)
Moxy 604: Palm Beach (KPBI) - Columbus (KCMH)
Moxy 605: Palm Beach (KPBI) - New Orleans (KMSY)
Moxy 607: Palm Beach (KPBI) - Norfolk (KORF)
Moxy 608: Palm Beach (KPBI) - Richmond (KRIC)
Moxy 609: Tampa (KTPA) - Akron-Canton (KCAK)
Moxy 610: Tampa (KTPA) - Northwest Arkansas (KXNA)
Moxy 611: Tampa (KTPA) - Charleston (KCHS)
Moxy 612: Tampa (KTPA) - Columbus (KCMH)
Moxy 613: Tampa (KTPA) - Huntsville (KHSV)
Moxy 614: Tampa (KTPA) - Louisville (KSDF)
Moxy 615: Tampa (KTPA) - Norfolk (KORF)
Moxy 617: Tampa (KTPA) - Oklahoma City (KOKC)
Moxy 618: Tampa (KTPA) - Richmond (KRIC)
Moxy 619: Tampa (KTPA) - Tulsa (KTUL)
Moxy 620: Tampa (KTPA) - Oklahoma City (KOKC)
Moxy 621: Charleston (KCHS) - Akron-Canton (KCAK)
Moxy 622: Charleston (KCHS) - Columbus (KCMH)
Moxy 623: Charleston (KCHS) - Hartford (KBDL)
Moxy 624: Charleston (KCHS) - Huntsville (KHSV)
Moxy 625: Charleston (KCHS) - Louisville (KSDF)
Moxy 627: Charleston (KCHS) - New Orleans (KMSY)
Moxy 628: Charleston (KCHS) - Norfolk (KORF)
Moxy 629: Charleston (KCHS) - Pittsburgh (KPIT)
Moxy 630: Charleston (KCHS) - Providence (KPVD)
Moxy 631: Charleston (KCHS) - Richmond (KRIC)
Moxy 632: Charleston (KCHS) - Oklahoma (KOKC)
Moxy 633: Hartford (KBDL) - Columbus (KCMH)
Moxy 634: Hartford (KBDL) - Norfolk (KORF)
Moxy 635: Hartford (KBDL) - Pittsburgh (KPIT)
Moxy 637: Louisville (KSDF) - New Orleans (KMSY)
Moxy 638: Norfolk (KORF) - Columbus (KCMH)
Moxy 639: Norfolk (KORF) - Hartford (KBDL)
Moxy 640: Norfolk (KORF) - New Orleans (KMSY)
Moxy 641: Norfolk (KORF) - Pittsburgh (KPIT)
Moxy 642: Norfolk (KORF) - Providence (KPVD)
Moxy 643: Northwest Arkansas (KXNA) - New Orleans (KMSY)
Moxy 644: Northwest Arkansas (KXNA) - San Antonio (KSAT)
Moxy 645: Akron-Canton (KCAK) - New Orleans (KMSY)
Moxy 647: Columbus (KCMH) - Hartford (KBDL)
Moxy 648: Columbus (KCMH) - New Orleans (KMSY)
Moxy 649: New Orleans (KMSY) - Akron-Canton (KCAK)
Moxy 650: New Orleans (KMSY) - Richmond (KRIC)
Moxy 651: Pittsburgh (KPIT) - Providence (KPVD)


We fly two of the nicest mid-range narrowbody jets on the market, the Embraer E195 and the Airbus A220.

Embraer E195


Airbus A220-300


Founded by @SimCaptain in 2022, Breeze Airways Virtual is the world’s very first VA modeled for the real world airline by the same name. AW-MXY supports both Infinite Flight and Microsoft Flight Simulator. We are AWVAA approved and are currently seeking approval by the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Regulatory Board. Our CEO, @SimCaptain, is happy to help with any questions you may have about this airline.


We are looking for devoted staff members and pilots. If you are interested in joining the nicest virtual airline on the AWC, PM @SimCaptain, @BreezeAirwaysVirtual or reply to this post. We look forward to logging flight hours with you!


Connect with us on our Twitter account (@moxyva) or our website (coming soon.)

awvaa approved


I need to join this va


Awesome! I’ll pm you and get you hooked up right away!

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