The Rise & Fall Of Concorde

Concorde has to be one of the top milestones to date in aviation. Designing and operating a commercial aircraft flying from Europe to New York in around three hours was an amazing achievement. Unfortunately, many airlines turned away from it even before its launch, and operating economics eventually sealed its fate. This guide looks back at the design, development, operations, and retirement of this iconic aircraft.

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Whilst the Concorde wasn’t a success for countless safety reasons I think it was a landmark - it showed what we were capable of and what we can do… I have no doubt in the future there will be a Concorde 2.0 and I simply cant wait to see when it comes! Virgin seems to be leading the way but with space travel taking such a massive leap I no doubt think there will be competition! I wasn’t old enough but did any users new or old fly on this bird? I have actually been in one at a BA graveyard but never had the chance to fly in one… Cant wait to see the future of Aviation its definitely an exciting one!

Whats y’all thoughts on Concorde - a success or failure… No doubt in my opinion that it was a turning point - a big one!