Three Aircraft Landed On Birmingham Runway While Occupied By A Ladder

In shocking news, three aircraft landed at Birmingham Airport, UK, while there was a ladder on the runway in September. Crews from all three planes reported a possible object on the runway after near-misses ion landing. An investigation from the UK’s AAIB details how the ladder fell on the runway and why it remained there for so long.

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This is indeed very interesting. A ladder is something you definitely don’t find often on a runway.

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Yeah, definitely. It is indeed very interesting

Not something I would expect if I was landing.


I was surprised to see they touch down safely as well. I would have gotten scare if that’s what happen to us.

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I wonder why would there be one at the runway tbh

This is how

Interesting, then my next question is how was the cord not adequate?

Why didn’t they inspect and deny Tui?

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The ladder did the ultimate

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