Towards the skies.

Hello Aviators Worldwide community. This will be my first post for this community. I’m going to be giving info like IFC
So you’ll expect like Device and aircraft type stuff.
Well enjoy the pictures!

Aircraft: 737-700
Airline: SouthWest Heart
Server: N/A
Device: Z Flip3 5G
Time: 1h 29m

Thank you for flying with Southwest, and have a good day.


Oh, look, my favorite carrier! It’s been an eternity since I’ve played IF, nice to see the buildings! #5 is my fav.


Thanks for sharing! Pictures 1 and 3 look fantastic! :blush:

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Great pictures, and good job with flying out of SFO!

Although bad parking spot at sfo, SWA parks at the B gates, I’ll be expecting a proper parking job at SFO next time :wink:


Amazing shots you have there! Can’t decide which I like best haha. That route is such a classic for sure! :+1:

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Great choice of route!