Trip report SFO - EWR B772


On Monday I flew San Francisco (SFO) to Newark (EWR).

Flight info:
Scheduled departure: 8:30am
scheduled arrival 4:15pm
Actual departure: 11:16am
Actual arrival: 6:11 pm
Aircraft: B777-200 new Polaris cabin.
Flight time: 3 hours 59 minutes. (SUPER fast)

I woke up at 5:00 am assuming it would be an on time easy flight. Easy drive, and security was quick. Boarding starts I get in the jet bridge and right before the door and they have everyone stop and the plane is pitch black and maintenance begins to come on. It appears the apu of some electrical system was not working because no lights or master would turn on. This took about 15-20 ish minutes we were just standing on the jet bridge. All seems right but then the captain comes on and it appears the back outside of the plane is broken (I assumed it’s the exhaust tunnel)… this took a little over 2 hours.

The inflight was very good I relaxed, ate some stuff and watched part of James Bond. Had to get off quickly so didn’t get to go in the cockpit but on the return I will try to.

We cruised at 790 MPH (699 knots ish) M.87/ M.88 the captain said he was going to gun it to get us there but this was ultra fast! :yum:

Hope you enjoy the pics!



Lining up on 1R

Check this out!!

This is not fuel it is happening because we are going so fast the captain confirmed this, not sure what its called though.

Hope y’all enjoyed & let me know what you think.

Over & Out! :airplane::airplane:


Reminds me of my flight to Madrid in 2019. I was boarding at Liverpool gate 52 (EZY7103) they tell us to stop boarding. We’re stood on the bridge with no windows :frowning: for about 10 mins. They let us start boarding again but it isn’t fixed it takes another 15ish for the hi vis people to get out of the cockpit lol

Great to hear you had a nice flight. Which James Bond was it?


Lol yup!!

I watched the new one “ No time to die”
Have you seen it ?


I haven’t seen it yet!

Nothing like a New York and United Airlines combo :heart_eyes:

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Awesome, I flew on a UA777 once, one of my favorite flying experiences!