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TSA Increases Fines For Those Who Refuse To Wear A Mask

Violating the federal mandate for passengers to wear a face mask is going to become more expensive. Already in effect, fines for violating the federal mandate will double, and fines will be higher for repeat offenders compared to first-time offenders. The mandate applies to all airports and commercial aircraft, is in effect through at least January 18th, 2022, and is enforced by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

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Well this certainly could be very controversial. But with that being said, the reason they are required on airplanes is because you are literally being packed together in a metal tube. Having a strong fine for not wearing a mask could hopefully encourage people to wear them if they weren’t going to already.

insert woman without mask yelling “I want the manager of the airport here” here

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I 100% agree that the fines should be raised. It’s extremely important to wear the nasks, especially on board an aircraft and I see many people not wearing them in shops, so ofcourse people won’t wear them in planes if there isn’t a harsh penalty.

I see the point but why let them into the airport in the first place? Just have someone standing at the departures door.

Because people will wear them to get past the people that they have to then proceed to take them off because they don’t want to wear one.

Absolutely necessary. I don’t understand why people can’t abide by the rules and understand the necessity of them. This isn’t preschool. Grow up.

Not everyone is law as abiding as you want them to be :crazy_face:


Well, it’s a good thing that the TSA can’t make me wear a mask in my car.

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At least :roll_eyes:

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