Un recordatorio amistoso - A Friendly Reminder

G'day AWW! 🤟

Hope everyone is doing fantastically today and staying Safe only going out when necessary! Incase y’all don’t know I’m Cign the nicest and best moderator here - someone you can always get into contact with whenever necessary! I am just posting this today to bring something to light which I think is not just important but beneficial to our community! And that is the “Introduce Yourself” Topic and the meaning behind it!

Too often I see copy and pasted bits of text and it saddens me - we ain’t a robotic community but instead humans with real emotions; let’s use them! I know its easier to post bits of text which provide users with links and everything they need to get started with in our wonderful community but we can do more! Let’s take this as an example and say for arguments sake I am new to the community - people posting bits of text with countless links boxes and not a single element of a personalised message would drive me as far away from this community as possible; indicating quite simply they don’t care about my presence and just think of me in the end as another user tossing me in the trash.

I want to combat this because our community is just so much more and so worthwhile so onwards with an example! I am going to say for arguments sake @RileyBozina has just joined the community and all of a sudden I notice two things; he is both from Australia and likes Star Wars - awesome! So two examples below of what I could do in this situation!

  1. Heya Riley welcome to AWW - awesome to have you here! I hear you come from the Land Down Under So does @Qantas094 but there is no doubt in my mind you are the nicer Aussie! :wink:

  2. Riley! Welcome to AWW - good to have a new user here and can’t wait to see your contribution! I see judging by your PFP your a Star Wars Fan thats awesome! Light Side or Dark Side?

By this a conversation is easily sparked by you guys and a real friendship can build off this something is truly our top priority at AWW; your experience and the friendships built of them - no point having a community if it isn’t a fun one and one that impacts y’all and benefits y’all for years to come!

It’s just these little thing that improves all our experiences by loads I know the important topics do need to be highlighted and brought to new users attention but first impressions always count guys - so much more then we think and its just so important to get to know a user before anything else. That’s me done leave any comments below; and too a brighter a better experience at the AWW! :v:

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Ondrejj did I get the Spanish right? :crazy_face:


Yes you have (since google translate did it. :smirk:)


Nice topic but your ego so high NASA lost track of it


Edits title and puts in Portuguese


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Could not agree more!

I actually think this community does a great job of NOT doing that. I notice on some others such as the IFC regulars tend to just send links or say do this like it has meaning which really doesn’t help the op at all (I can say from personal expierience) No hate to anyone just something I noticed which I say we primarily do a good job of here.

:thinking: :mask: :man_shrugging: :joy:


Thanks for your opinion Leo we’re always busy making this a better place! I’m sceptical about the last part though :wink:


I can’t decide whether you or Cign is the worst mod…

nvm at least you use dark mode :joy:

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I try and write a “Friendly Reminder” Topic but instead this turns into roasting Cign… :cry: Anyway back on point guys! :wink:


Not my fault u typed something that would 100% become a Roasting Cign topic

no jk

I couldn’t agree more! We are good Ill say that but I don’t want to compare our community to the IFC at least in my mind I strive for this community to be so much more, so much better! Ive noticed recently besides a few more copy and pastes then not and I don’t want people to be driven away any ultimately miss the opportunities of our great community - its a reminder so strive for the best thats all! :wink:


Apologies, I was just using it in reference to a personal experience.

Yup, I totally agree! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the welcome lol, and yes I’m a very big Star Wars fan. I’ll start off by answering this… It’s very tough tbh. I’ve always been a big Darth Vader fan, him probably being my favourite character out of all the others. He’s the most menacing one there is. They’re honestly in between, the light side being the ones who were more hopeful in using the force as the dark side let their fear control them, but that’s what I loved most about Vader. Again, Darth Vader isn’t the only Sith Lords I like, General Grievous, Darth Maul, and Emperor Palpatine are also there, and much more. To conclude, I really can’t choose. They’re both very different but unique in their own way. Anyways enough of my Star Wars stuff.

I do come from the land down under and I do know Qantas094 a bit from the many Discords I’ve talked to him on lol. I remember first knowing him on discord at least. I can’t even remember how we first started to know each other tho.

In case you guys didn’t know I’m new on this account, it’s just my last account disappeared for months since I joined. I can’t remember who joined first between Cign and I, but I have the feeling I joined a few weeks before he did. But again, he’s the more active one, he knows the community better… still tho, I know most of you at least. I remember when I joined more people welcomed me back than just welcoming me in general like I don’t know them lmao


That took like 10 minutes because I didn’t even know what to type :neutral_face:

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Thanks for the reminder and I’m sure members will now greet in a more human way

Everyone here is great

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Your doing a great job lol! I think the message is really just telling people to welcome people how you would like to be welcomed, doesn’t have to be some big thing ya know - short and sweet!

That’s the right answer, put Cign where he belongs (in the dungeon) < :shushing_face:

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Last I checked you were the one who lives in a Dungeon (aka San Francisco) :crazy_face:

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  1. I don’t live “in” San Francisco - near SF
  2. I didn’t know so many singers would write beautiful songs about a dungeon? Quite strange. :smirk:

Last time I checked you was English :joy: nah lol u good

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I am Australian and I Oopps