United 737 Flight Delayed After Passenger Releases Pepper Spray

On Monday afternoon, a passenger on board a United Airlines flight from Fort Myers, Florida, released pepper spray from a canister the TSA had missed during pre-check. While it appears to have been an accident, the incident caused the flight to be delayed and the distress of other passengers who chose to vacate the plane.

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Are you even authorised to carry Pepper Spray on a commercial aircraft? :joy:

Definitely not in the UK. Incapacitating spray / pepper spray is illegal as its a weapon apparently.

I mean it pretty much is a weapon.

Yes it’s considered a firearm under Law here :joy:

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United is the best.

Airport security needs to step it up smh

Would have never happened at SFO

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Oh right because SFO is clean and holy, no mistakes made there.

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Well you’re quite right about their cleanliness but they do make some mistakes.

SFO’s TSA is like the secret service & the marines combined! The backbone of the gateway to the pacific. You can’t get passed their blue shirts and cookies and stick on badges.

Grab me one please


Will do! There rlyyy good!

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Yeah, it’s on the no fly list the TSA has

Y’all arguing about SFO and DFW
But nobody talks about how ORD is a disaster :joy:

Still proud to have it as my home airport

  1. Texas and I were discussing the supremacy of SFO . Texas loves SFO, arguably his #2 airport
  2. ORD ain that big of a disaster zone… It’s pretty good imo, can be crazy busy tho… but it’s a UA hub which makes it better imo.