United Will Trial Allowing LAX Passengers To Reserve A Slot For TSA

In a pilot program running for three months at LAX, passengers flying with United Airlines will be able to reserve their spot for TSA security checks up to a day in advance. The airport calls it a ‘compelling service’, and United believes it will help save customers time when traveling over the upcoming holidays.

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What do you guys think about this? I am a big United fan but not sure if this will be that successful or useful as people are starting to use ‘Clear’ when going through TSA and skipping all the lines already. At the same time if you don’t fly too much this could be good as you pay each time ( not a subscription). Could be a good incentive for companies to use this system when flying their employees’ places.

I am not a big fan of this. Would create a lot of frustration for passengers who do not make a reservation

This, this is the exact thing that to me seems like a very big negative, then add the fact that it’s only for frequent flyers, and not open to everyone, only adding to the frustration.