UPS Wants To Fly eVTOL Delivery Vehicles By 2024

On Wednesday, UPS announced that it had signed an agreement with BETA Technologies. The eVTOL startup will deliver ten of its Alia-250 aircraft to the logistics giant by 2024. UPS, which has an option for 150 of the vehicles, says that they will help reduce the emissions profile of both its ground and air operations.

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This is quite possibly the most ugly thing I have seen all year. Only cool thing is that it is VTOL.


It freaks me out, stop that :rofl:

I know it looks weird. These bits especially

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That’s what makes it so weird. It’s literally one of the things I notice

Personally I don’t want this delivering things to me :joy: So stubborn to change oof

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This would be well over interesting.


I like those, they look so cool!