US Gets Another Startup With aha! In Reno

Another startup in the United States is getting ready to launch operations in less than a month. ExpressJet Airlines is rebooting itself with the launch of aha!, a new leisure-focused airline with a base at Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO). To start, the airline will serve eight destinations from its hub in Nevada.

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A new US Based startup, let’s see how this one goes. Will it stand the test of time, or will it collapse just as quickly as it started—taking guesses below.

I’m not sure about the current climate on start ups but my guess is it isn’t a good time? I’m not sure how restricted flying over in the US now because of covid.

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I don’t really know how it’s like for the airlines, but GA flying, at least down in the southeast I’d pretty open for you to do whatever, except for the fact that the MCO TRACON apparently can deny flight following when they’re not that busy(which isn’t optional, it’s just workload permitting, BTW)

Reno is quite an interesting place to start lol