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Welcome to V1, Rotate, a blog for Infinite Flight pilots and controllers alike. Every day, V1, Rotate publishes articles ranging in variety from Infinite Flight news, to tutorials, to a look inside different virtual airlines and virtual organizations, we cover it all using our promise of free press. Our diverse team of writers is here for you, and we will always be there for you.

Our Team

Chief Writer, Editor: @Thunderbolt
Head of ATC Content: @ToasterStroodie
Head of Media: @Suhas
Head of VA/VO Content: @TheAviationGallery

Want to join our team? Send a PM to @Thunderbolt explaining your qualifications, experience, and repertoire. A simple piece may be asked of you.

Blog posts will be posted in this thread, you are welcome to head over to our blog, make an account, and say hello!


I once again find @ToasterStroodie in a high up position…

Great job guys, looks good!


Says the person more high-up than me :joy:


Not gonna be long until you and texmex are gonna work together :eyes:

@oklahomaaviation how much JD need I offer you to make my dreams come true?


I tried joining your Discord server but keep getting kicked without any explanation. May I please have an explanation for this?

What’s the link?

I have no problem there

They probably don’t know you were banned from IFC

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I wish @Thunderbolt could be active here so he could explain this situation…

Nah he knows