Welcome to the Aviators Worldwide Community!

Welcome to the Aviators Worldwide Community!


The Aviators Worldwide Community (AWW) is an online Discourse forum which was created with the aim to bring all aviation and flight simulator enthusiasts together, share their passion and meet others. Our community focus is of course aviation and flight simulation. Please try to keep more non-aviation related topics to a minimum and these may be posted in our #lounge category once you gain more trust, Regular (Trust Level 3). We also have a public Discord server available for more casual chatter which can be accessed here.

You can chat all things from aviation news, spotting pictures, flight simulation, ATC, and much more!

This welcome topic contains some brief information to help get you started successfully on the community. Be sure to also familiarise yourself with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

If you are a new user to the Discourse software, we recommend checking out the following new user guide in addition to this topic:

We’re glad to have you here with us!

Getting Started - Quick Links

Here are some quick access links to active topics to help you get started here and join in discussions with fellow community members!

When posting…

Within the community, you will see we have a range of categories available for posting in (see the categories section below for more information). You are free to create a topic in any of the categories which are available to you. As a new user, you may be slightly limited in which categories you can post in, don’t worry about this as you will gain more posting abilities as you move up in trust level. More information on trust levels can be found below.

Before you create a topic, make sure you utilise the search feature at the top of the forum. This is to ensure that it isn’t a duplicate topic and has already been posted. Make sure to search different word variants as the title may not match exactly.

Trust Levels

Trust levels are a way of sandboxing new users in our community so that they cannot accidentally hurt themselves, or other users while they are learning what to do, and granting experienced users more rights over time, so that they can help everyone maintain and moderate the community they generously contribute so much of their time to.

Here at the Aviators Worldwide Community, we have 4 trust levels (excluding TL0):

Trust Level 0 - New
Trust Level 1 - Basic
Trust Level 2 - Member
Trust Level 3 - Regular
Trust Level 4 - Leader

Trust Level Description
New This is the initial trust level you are placed in when first join. You are granted basic community functions at this trust level.
Basic The second level is basic user. You are granted additional community functions.
Member This is the third level, and at this point, you are granted all major community functions. You are permitted to post in all public community categories.
Regular A regular is an experienced member of the community and is given extra functions such as moving other user’s topics from one category to another and helps reduce the workload for the moderation team. Reaching regular requires extensive activity and dedication. Regulars are chosen by moderators and are promoted manually.
Leader Not obtainable by any requirements. Users at this trust level are community ambassadors.

For information on the limitations of each trust level, please check out this Discourse blog post:

Trust Level 3 (Regular) users plays a important part in the community. Users who has been active and regularly posting will be promoted to TL3 once they meet the requirements. However, users can be manually promoted at the discretion of moderators/staff if the particular user has exceeded expectations or has been helpful around the community.

Trust Level 4 (Leader) users are moderators and staff members of the community. They can only be promoted manually at the discretion of moderators/staff. We may seek to also add the most helpful individuals in our community to this role, alongside the staff team. This trust level is also reserved for former long serving staff.

As you start to engage yourself more within the community, you will become a great asset and valued member and will climb up the trust level ranks.


When posting on the Aviators Worldwide Community, please ensure to post in the correct categories. We also ask that you ensure that you adhere to the guidelines of the categories at all times. Information on category guidelines can be found in the pinned post of each category (about the xxx category) or below.

Categories available on the Aviators Worldwide Community:

This category is for all Aviators Worldwide Community moderators/staff to post official announcements. Only moderators/staff are able to post announcements. For any concerns relating to the workings of the Aviators Worldwide, please PM @moderators or create a topic in #meta.
About the Announcements category

Real World Aviation
This category is for topics relating to real world aviation. Topics like trip reports, historical aviation topics, and important news. If you are posting a image you took from the internet for contextual purposes, please make sure to credit the source.

If you are looking to post your own photos from spotting sessions, please use the #spotting category.

Please note that crash topics are allowed, but will be monitored closely by the moderation team due to it’s sensitive nature.
About the Real World Aviation category

Real World Aviation: Spotting
This category is for topics that members can create to show photos that they have taken in the real world.

Please provide as much detail to your photos as much as possible, and make sure that the photos you post are yours. If you are posting a image you took from the internet for contextual purposes, please make sure to credit the source.
About the Spotting category

Flight Simulation
This category is for all topics relating to flight simulators (Infinite Flight, X-Plane, MFS2020, Airlines Manager etc). Please feel free to post topics in this category at any time. If you’d like to share images of your flight simulation adventures, please do so in #screenshots-videos instead.
About the Flight Simulation category

Screenshots & Videos
This category is for members to post images or videos of their flight simulation adventures. For real world images or videos, please use the #rwa category instead. Please make sure that the photos you post are of best quality and are appropriate. Please also make sure to stick to a maximum of 10 photos per topic. Topics not following the guidelines of this category is subject to closure at any time at the discretion of the moderation team.
About the Screenshots & Videos category

To be used on member-hosted events across all simulators.

  • Please add all information given in the #flight-simulation:events template
  • Use the correct flight simulator tag if optional.
  • Topics can only be within 30 days of the event.
  • Make sure that attendees would be able to access the flight you are hosting.
    Please make your topic an event by going to the composer and pressing the cog icon and then ‘Create Event’ This will ensure it appears in our calendar !
    General note: Please be aware that members of the community may not play the specific game you are hosting an event on, and may not be able to attend. Please respect other members if they aren’t able to attend.
    About the Events category

The purpose of #flight-simulation:add-ons is to share with the community various add-ons for flight simulators with reviews, announcements, or simply letting the community know about them. This works for all flight sims and any add-on is allowed as long as it follows the forum rules.

We the ‘staff’ have not reviewed, and cannot review, all of the content on this site such as but not limited to code, computer software, items for sale, or other materials posted to the forum by users. ‘We’ the AWW are not responsible for any damages caused by using our forum / Content. ‘We’ (AWW), for example:

  • Do not endorse that any of our content is accurate, useful, or non-harmful. Content could be offensive, indecent, or objectionable; include technical inaccuracies, typographical mistakes, or other errors. As such, if you do see any posts which violate our ToS please flag it immediately for moderator attention.
    About the Add Ons category

Aviation Games
This category is for all topics relating to aviation games, such as “guess the airline and aircraft”. Topics should remain appropriate at all times and is subject to closure at the discretion of the moderation team.
About the Aviation Games category

This category is for users who have an aviation related blog. Only users in the @Blogs group can create new topics. Please request access to join by telling us a little about the content you post.
About the Blog category

This category is for topics that does not fit in any of the other categories we have here on the Aviators Worldwide Community. All topics should be kept appropriate at all times.
Due to recent changes on the community the #general category is only accessible if you join a group. To request to join please see.this topic here.

This category can only be accessed by members who are trust level 3 and higher

This category is for topics relating to the workings of the forum itself. If you have any questions about the forums (especially for those new), please do not hesitate to create a topic in this category. We’ll try to help as much as we can.
About the Meta category

Meta: Forum Features
This category is for topics which members can create to request any feature they want to see on this community. For example a theme component, or a theme colour change etc.
About the Forum Features category

Moderation & Safeguarding

To ensure the Aviators Worldwide Community is kept in a civil manner, we have appointed a dedicated team of staff and moderators. These community volunteers come from all around the world, a variety of time zones and someone should be available to you at most times should you require any assistance. Our community staff team is made up of long serving community members who can be trusted, adhere to the guidelines and address situations. Our team moderate to internal guidelines to ensure transparency, however action can be taken at the moderators discretion based on what has been broken.

To contact a member of the moderation team, you can send a message to @moderators. You can also check out our about page or the “Online” status at the top of the forum to see active members of the team who can assist you in a timely manner.

If you ever find a post on the forum that requires the attention of the moderation team, you can use the flagging feature to alert moderators and they will look into it. You can find this feature by locating the flag icon on the appropriate post and select an option following. Current options for flagging:

• I want to talk to this person directly and personally about their post.
It’s Inappropriate A violation of our community guidelines
It’s Spam This is an advertisement or vandalism
Something Else Requires staff attention for another reason

Flagging is not available directly to new forum users. You will be expected to participate in the forum a few times before advancing and having access to this feature.

To ensure the safety of our forum members, we have set up a @safeguarding group here on our community. Members of this group work in conjunction with our community managers to ensure the protection of all members and the well-being.

If you have any concerns regarding a forum member of staff member, please contact the @safeguarding group immediately and your request will be dealt with promptly. If a concern is raised regarding a member of staff within the group, we ask that you send an email to aviators-worldwide@mail.com and it will be dealt with in a private and secure manner without the involved party.

In the event that anyone is in immediate danger, please contact any local authorities who can deal with it promptly.


Thanks for joining our community! If you ever have any questions, feedback or concerns then feel free to message @moderators and we’ll sort it! We can’t wait to see you around here.

Make sure to stay active, engage positively, and be a productive member!

We can wait for the future of the Aviators Worldwide Community and hope you will stick with us! :grinning:

Topic created by @ThomasR & @TheAviationGallery.


Id like to be the first to say - its great to have everyone with us! To AWW :clinking_glasses:




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I’m back on the aww discourse. Nice job everyone! Glad to see y’all back here as well!

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Ok welcome to us both but I’m just wondering where is it 4pm for you I thought u was Australian


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ohhh wait I remember who u are. I’m thinking of sam2875 from the IFC :moyai::moyai:. He’s the COO of QVG :skull:

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Hi, I’m new here!

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hello, fellow aviation lovers


Hey bud! Good to have you with us! Feel free to introduce yourself in the designated thread! :heart:


All new members head over to Introduce Yourself! ! If anyone has any questions please message forum moderators!