What has been your worst experience in turbulence?


Welcome to my topic. Here we will discuss your worst experience in turbulence.

First, I’ll say mine. We were on final approach to my home airport, and suddenly we entered the home of turbulence, which y’all know is obviously clouds lol. The plane suddenly dropped which is like the worst feeling ever. Leave yours below!


i actually always enjoyed it


Not me in particular, but I heard someone else puking down the aisle on an A330-300 during turbulence :laughing:

I know what you mean. You are flying normally and all of a sudden its like there was a small hole in the sky you fall down.

I haven’t experienced much turbulence. Sometimes Liverpool Airport is a bit bumpy on landing.

Never had one. Long time ago, was landing at night in some UA 739, screaming kid behind me but that’s another story, and the turbulence was very fun. Almost like a roller coaster, where it feels like you’re being dropped from a really high place, if you know what I mean.

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Eww. I don’t think I could stand that. Sick is one thing I just can’t. Ughh horrible stuff

I know right!? I nearly puked myself from just listening to it :confounded:

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Anyways… Swiftly moving on :rofl:

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Ooh, that’s fun! Don’t you like it?

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It’s fun but totally unexpected so sometimes i say a bad word haha

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We literally passed through a cloud and then dropped 200 feet and I was freaking out…


I mean, it’s like a roller coaster lmao

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I literally said that lol.

It’s tons of fun, although when it happened to me, I heard some other people scream or something lmao… :skull:

air india a321 from mumbai to bangalore
the plane dropped a few 100 meters and someone puked

Yep. Been through one of those before. Kinda fun if you ask me


There were times where the turbulence was really strong and the whole aircraft were shaking, that really got me scare.

Turbulence came and I could smell vomit five seats behind me :smiling_face_with_tear:


you have an amazingly calibrated nose :joy:

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Some might consider it psychotic but I enjoy turbulence and especially when other people panic over it. Is that bad? :joy:

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Not really. You know that you are very safe so why panic