What is the best mobile simulator?

Personally, I think Aerofly is the best.

Let’s start off with the local favorite, Infinite Flight. The multiplayer is great, the assortment of aircraft is amazing, and we all love global scenery. And hey, it’s only $4.99 on the App Store (and $1.99 on the Play Store!). However, that’s just for the download. With the download, you get five regions, about ten airplanes, and no multiplayer. The rest costs $9.99 a month. Why do I like Aerofly? $7.99 gets you everything: (besides the Switzerland scenery, which costs an extra $1.99) The planes, the liveries, the beautiful scenery, and 3D buildings. Also, the scenery is just unbelievable, and every switch in the cockpit is fully functional. As for RFS, the scenery and graphics are just awful. X-Plane is alright, but the graphics and aircraft selection isn’t great, and without ATC, the new multiplayer feature is chaos.

What do you think?


I don’t think Aerofly because it drains my battery and it isn’t global. IF because of global and multiplayer. The structure is much better as well.

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Yeah IF is okay but $9.99/mo is a bit steep for me.

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I have allowance and a job so it’s pretty easy to maintain for me.

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Infinite Flight, no questions asked.


For single player its areofly,for multiplayer its IF


IF all the way.

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Why do you like Infinite Flight?

Because last time I checked you cant fit a chunky desktop in your pocket… aha! Plus I can’t afford a PC or MFS for that matter! :joy:


You should run it on cloud Pc lel

Infinite Flight is a basic usual mobile simulator from my POV

737 Engine Switches: allow us to introduce ourselves

IF for the win, even better with 3D buildings. The variety of aircraft and liveries are just amazing.

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Better? No.

Do you want proof?

I have proof that IF is better

Which simulator are you referring to? I love a good debate :slight_smile:

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Well said!

Aerofly & XP Mobile

Yep, IF is the best, 100%, even the scenery!