What is your preferred spotting location?

Hey everyone,

This topic has been created to encourage you to show off your preferred locations for plane spotting with others!

I usually go spotting at my local Prestwick (EGPK), however with the current pandemic it’s been pretty tough. See this quick reference guide for an overview of our various spotting locations and some photos: https://www.spotterguide.net/planespotting/europe/united-kingdom/glasgow-prestwick-pik-egpk/. As you will be able to see there are numerous locations surrounding the airport. I normally go spotting at the mound / mound car park which provides excellent views of aircraft arriving and departing on Prestwick’s main runway (30/12). The mound is raised above the fence providing an excellent advantage for photography. It’s definitely my go to spot whenever I go to the airport, however it can become very packed at times when special / rare planes visit.

Here are some pictures I have taken at Prestwick (apologies for some poor quality):

*These pictures are taken from the mound viewpoint

I also go spotting at the railway bridge area, however doesn’t give as much advantage compared to the mound viewpoint. You get a good view of aircraft on approach to runway 12 though. Occasionally I will spot at Goodrich roundabout / Monkton which provide views of the opposite end including the main terminal. These are good viewpoints for aircraft approaching the 12 end of the main runway from the sea.

I’d love to hear your best spotting locations below!


Ive only ever been spotting once and that was at Heathrow and don’t @ me because it was from my hotel aha! Should really go and do some but as we all know Covid is being a pain! Definitely get some awesome variety at Heathrow not just Ryanair aircraft! :crazy_face:

Would love to here some other peoples favourite locations and possibly photos? Mine are away somewhere - this was like 2 or 3 years ago now… Never actually done spotting though with the intentions to go out and get good photos I ain’t patient enough for it - as a few people here know lol

Apart from that my garden is pretty awesome! Have an aerodrome 5 minutes away from my house so get some aircraft very low so always nice seeing them go over! What camera were those photos taken on Thomas? They look awesome!

Oh and also finally… When I do go spotting I have always wondered would any pro spotters here recommend getting a ladder so I can get photos over the fence or is that not allowed because you could climb over it aka a safety hazard!

Awesome topic Thomas! Very neat!


To be honest these were taken on my old Kodak PixPro AZ401 and I have sold this since. Now have the Canon 80D but not been using it much recently.

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My god… That camera looks older then time itself! :joy: How were you able to get pictures that good on it… damn… Covids been an absolute pain… “Spotting” should be considered essential travel! :crazy_face:

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I just pressed “capture” :wink: it served me well for a bit.

Gravelly Park is great regardless of what you go there for…

but the spotting is a nice plus.

Another nice place is the TWA Hotel’s rooftop pool:

bonus picture


That’s amazing!

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Agreed, I would love to go there sometime

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Definitely has to be Manchester for me because its around 30+ to get to by train. I don’t spot at the normal visitor/spotting area as the fence is just in the way. I walk under the runways and turn right past the fire station

I would normally go more often but because of covid I haven’t ben able to do so but here are some pictures. Use a Nikon D5300

Fun fact whilst I am spotting I always without fail eat bacon or cheese flavoured Tuc’s crackers lol.


Fiji doesn’t have any!

When you catch me spotting, generally it’s on top of the Aviation Maintenance building patio, however, all I get to see are a bunch of Skyhawks. Because of all the flight training at DAB.

T4 garage at KPHX. The spotting at my local airports isn’t great.

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I spot at Myrtle Avenue for Heathrow

Founders Plaza at DFW

Looks like another classic Ryanair landing.

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I found this awesome spot at DFW. If you drive north on East Airfield Dr, you will see this American Airlines building. Its address is 3200 E Airfield. (All images are from Google Maps)
You go into the back of the parking lot and it looks like this:

You can get on a large hill overlooking 35R, about 100 yards away from the runway. Pretty awesome. The only downside is that it is mostly used for overflow, so it is only used on busy days. You mostly spot American Airlines A320s, 737s, E175s and MHIRJs. This is what it looks like from aerial view:
Have you ever been there @oklahomaaviation? It’s an awesome easter egg.


Another favorite is from Love Field. The parking garage (center) and the Burger King (bottom right) both allow you to get very close to planes.


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No I don’t think I have, but dudeee thanks I’m definitely gonna have to check it out sometime


Get some pics for me :wink:

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