What Might The Aviation Industry Look Like In 2050?

Commercial aviation is an industry in which companies are continuously looking to the future. This outlook has led to the rapid development and implementation of some innovative changes and ideas over the years. Even with the industry currently finding itself in turbulent skies due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it retains this forward-thinking nature. With this in mind, how different will the airline industry be when we reach the middle of the century in 2050?

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Some interesting designs. Definitely don’t like the cocoon one though. I wouldn’t want to be clambering up and down that.

I’m definitely not looking forward to the day when aviation goes zero emissions. Planes will just become quite boring when that happens. It’ll be even worse when the go electric because we won’t get to hear the beautiful whine of an engine spool-up.


Exactly! Just imagine a silly little electric plane. Are you telling me something the size of a 787 can electrically power itself for 19 hours like the flight GF789?


Starships will be entering the aviation market. They wanna use them for E2E

lol. I’m not looking forwards to the future…

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I feel like it will be quite a hard time managing to get in or out of your seat in normal circumstances let alone being in turbulence or being less mobile due to age. It looks comfortable, yes, but not quite convenient I think.

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imagine an electric A380

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Haha lol. Not happening well at least not in my time.

UK startup Faradair is working towards bringing to market an 18-seat regional aircraft that operates on a carbon-neutral basis. The bioelectric hybrid aircraft (BEHA) will use a combination of electric motors and biofuel-powered turbogenerator to transport 18 passengers or five tonnes of cargo to a range of 1,150 miles. The company wants to start flying by 2026, and to have 300 aircraft produced by 2030.

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