What’s your favourite route within flight simulation?

Hey everyone,

So I’ve recreated this topic for flight simulation. If you are looking to share your favourite route in real life, please head to the following topic in #rwa: What's your favourite route to fly?.

Feel free to share your favourite route/s to fly on any flight simulator below and a brief note why. These can be any flight ranging from short/regional hauls, medium to long haul.

I’ll start off…

One of my favourite routes to fly is probably Auckland (NZAA) - Queenstown (NZQN). This is such a nice flight spanning over New Zealand providing beautiful views along the way. The approach into Queenstown is one of the best without a doubt! I mostly fly this on Infinite Flight with the Air New Zealand A320.

Be sure to share yours below!


I do really love NTAA - NTTB - NTMD. The approach into NTMD is amazing, with the small airport perched on the side of the mountain.

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eddt - ltba

probably bc it’s the most flown route irl so i basically do the same in simulators

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Nice choice! Do you fly this with Air Berlin / Turkish? Also EDDB is the new Berlin airport to replace EDDT?

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Sounds cool! Will have to check it out sometime. :+1:

I’ll confirm the ICAO with you


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I fly a variety of routes. 98% of the time its easyjet. I like flying Swiss :switzerland:. I really like the views on this route.



I absolutely love GA flying especially around the Bahamas, some fantastic scenery and vibrant colours! Makes for some awesome screenshots too, who doesn’t like the C172! :heart_eyes:

No such thing as autopilot in a Cessna, all hand flying, makes for a fantastic experience!

i fly this with the TK A321 since they used it for that irl. also EDDT and LTBA don’t exist anymore so yes EDDB and LTFM are replacing it.


ew overrated route

Never is one

my favorite route is how I end all my ‘trips’ as I like to follow a start where you left off, DCA-BOS(where BOS is my hub for the virtual airline I fly for)

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My favorite routes to fly in Infinite Flight are these What's your favourite route to fly? - #6 by CaptainLeo1

But my most frequent flights in Infinite Flight tend to be DEN - SFO, PDX - SFO and some similar flights! I’ll casually just do takeoffs and landings in Italy and my go to airport for patterns is MKJS.

Most of my flights are Evergreen though so I am always somewhere new :man_shrugging: :boom: