What US Airline Carrier is the Best?

Hi and welcome to this debate!!

Now let’s start. Which one is best??

Sky west
… I don’t remember anymore.

Personally I would say frontier mainly because that’s the only airline I fly lol


I’ve flown every US airline except for Allegiant and Frontier. I would say the best one currently is United. Obviously I’m well-affiliated with United Virtual, so it may look biased but United truly is the best. When I flew them to Dulles and out of Newark recently, they were flawless in every aspect.

Before United, Virgin America was my favorite and I flew them often out of Dallas Love Field. If any airline compares to United, it is either Southwest or Delta.


I fly United the most. They are the best.

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jetBlueeee!! obviously

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It’s hard for me to pick given Delta and United are so close to each other, but I’m giving the edge to Delta. Their lounges at Atlanta are pretty amazing if I do say so myself, not to mention that the Delta One cabin is something that I would definitely fancy over most if not all other cabin products if I choose to fly to or from the US.


United and Southwest are fairly close, but I’ve flown United more, so I’d have to go with them.
If Southwest had more destinations from where I’d live, I could see them being better.
(I’ve never flown Jetblue :confused:)

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#1 United
2 Delta
3 everything else


It used to be Southwest, but they’ve fallen down the typical low cost budget airline route for a while now with the introduction with their new livery and HEART interior. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

So right now as it stands Alaska is the best because their seats are actually comfortable, they serve REAL food on even short haul flights, and continue to be unique and stand out as opposed to fitting in like a wimp like Southwest, and American Airlines are doing.

  1. JetBlue
  2. Delta
  3. United
  4. Everyone else

However of all time:

  1. American Trans Air
  2. Hawaiian
  3. Aloha
  4. Midwest Airlines
  5. Continental
  6. Shuttle by United
  7. Hooters Air
  8. Northwest Airlines
  1. United
  2. Hawaiian
  3. Southwest
  4. American
  5. Skywest

Same here!!

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Ight here is my list:

1. Alaska

By far the best service, seating, and overall flight enjoyment factor. I always cherish my flights with them.

2. Southwest

I fly with SWA most often, because, well, I live in a Southwest super hub :joy: They generally have great service, but what makes them number two on my list is just the absence of inflight food.

3. Hawaiian

Really good service, I hope to fly business class with them next summer!

Airlines I have not flown but want to rate

  1. Atlas Air
  2. United
  3. American


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I shipped myself in a cargo pod video?

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I gotta say Delta I love delta.

Delta gave me FC so I guess it’s the best

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Alaska and JetBlue come in close second.

Just look at my pfp for my answer.