What's your favorite aircraft?

It can be an aircraft you’ve flown in a simulator or IRL. Mine personally is the B752.

F/A-18 for sure

Nice! I like the B757-200 because it handles well and is perfect for buttered landings :slight_smile:

I’ve got a few, Fokker 50, 757, Ta 183, and probably some more the like the MDogs for example

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Definitely the 737 Max.

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This beauty right here.

The Airbus A350.

Quite a few: 747, 737-200, B-52, C-5A/B/C

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I haven’t flown this IRL or in sim, but this is my favorite aircraft. It’s so beautiful :heart_eyes:
Breeze Airways shows off its first A220-300 - Air Data News

@PlanesAndGames I see that thumbs down :angry:

It looks beautiful!



Eww no! #BoeingDominatesAirbus

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Love the a220 tho

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Yes Airbus superior BUT not the A220, or should I call it the CSeries, because that’s Bombardier and it’s called the A220 only after Airbus bought the program.

In short, it’s nothing close to other real Airbus planes in terms of ‘quality’.

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well u see thats where ur wrong

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Also @Maverick I’m pretty sure it’s not Airbus who manufactures the F/A-18… :smirk:

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How is Airbus better than Boeing? Name 10 things that’s better than Boeing :tongue:


I definitely know Boeing has amazing characteristics, Airbus has clean cockpit and fly-by-wire which I don’t really care. I still like Boeing more #Boeingbetterby3x

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