What's your favourite route to fly?

Hello AWW!

So what is your favourite route?

I like Liverpool → Madrid because I visit family and it turns out that Liverpool is my favourite airport. Some nice views along the way especially when flying over the north of Spain

What’s your favourite route?


Hands down Gatwick (EGKK) → Mallorca (LEPA) by far my most flown route ever and with such beautiful views as you cross over Barcelona it is truly mesmerising! Always love the Spanish weather and the practicality which EasyJet offers. Not to mention it’s the perfect length of just over 2hrs, long enough to enjoy but not get antsy over. A no brainier but certainly tough competitors for 2nd and 3rd!

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I agree! :smiley:

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I’ll have to do it by haul

Short Haul : IAH - MKJS and back – I do this on United, simply my favorite because I love everytime I go back to Jamaica, so much to look forward to! It’s also a beautiful approach.
Medium Haul: SFO - EWR and back – I do this on United and I love the aircraft they offer on this route (B752, 772, 78X, 773, 767), I also have good friends and family in the New Jersey area so I always enjoy this flight
Long Haul : IAD - HAAB and back – Long but amazing flight, especially as you descend through the gates of zion! :wink:

London Heathrow to Zurich in my dads private TBM

Must get some really fantastic views! Jealous! :heart_eyes:

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I’m not allowed in cockpit until in 18 and I like views of Heathrow we go on trip weekly and beautiful departure from 27R

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I got to meet British airways CEO and we flew him to Zurich for champagne party

Oh hmm, I have never heard of this rule but that’s still very cool!

Wow so jealous you got to meet Mr Doyle, sounds like a fantastic experience and hopefully your Dad buttered the bread! :wink:

Yes my parents say I can control the yoke next time we have departure from London Heathrow to London city executive international

He has his own airline… Why wouldn’t he use that?

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He is my dads best friend

Has your Dad ever flown for an airline?

Yes and he was an ex Boeing 747 captain for British airways


Is your dream to fly just like him? :blush:

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My dad was flying him for champagne party in Zurich

My dad will let me fly our tbm full time when I’m 18

Wowza! Working up to your PPL? Doing it myself, certainly a fun experience! :tada:

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Oh nice! Having that PPL with all the ratings approved must be nice! I haven’t started the process myself, but I hope to soon!

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