When Will London Heathrow’s 3rd Runway Be Built?

Even amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, London Heathrow (LHR) is comfortably the busiest airport in the UK. Before the global health crisis, increasing congestion at the slot-controlled hub led to plans for a third runway to ease this burden. The project has since been the subject of a series of legal battles, and COVID has been an additional hurdle in the last year. So, with all this in mind, when exactly will the airport build the new runway?

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never. IF would become chaos.

The real world doesn’t care about how chaotic an airport would become in IF.

Tbf I think KDEN is more confusing with all the runways. I think one extra runway isn’t a bad idea though. However, in my opinion they should have started expanding other airports around London before such as Stansted etc.

Stansted is the most London airport that isn’t in London

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