Where Could United Airlines Fly Its Boom Supersonic Jets?

United has announced plans to acquire 15 Boom Overture aircraft, with options for up to 35 more. This, United has made crystal clear, is absolutely subject to Overture meeting performance and environmental expectations – which is a very tall ask. If it does enter United’s fleet, Heathrow, Paris CDG, and Frankfurt are likely to be important destinations, with perhaps Newark to Heathrow the first long-haul route.

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I definitely think popular international routes and maybe even some new ones that aren’t possible now. The sky really is the limit with this plane so it will be interesting to see how United and other airlines implement this aircraft

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Yea similarly i’d expect lots of routes out of SFO & EWR & IAD.

California to juegosland or Argentinia from the coast?

SFO-HNL is definitely a possibility. Flying the Overture to Japan could be cutting it close, especially when you consider winds. Atleast you’ve got a chance though. Us landlockers aren’t going to get any of them at DEN (other than the ones being built in Denver).

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Tahiti maybe :eyes:

Tokyo might be a good idea