Which UK budget airline is the best?

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From the list below let’s discuss which UK budget airline you think is the best.

  • Wizz Air
  • Easyjet
  • Jet 2
  • Ryanair

For most of us when we are searching for a flight we take many things into account. For example I’m specifically interested in things such as: price, customer service, leg room and many other things.

Now obviously not all budget airlines are the same. By default the defenition of a budget airline is a no-frills airline where the air ticket price covers only the basics (as in getting from A to B) and add-ons are sold separately.

Personally as you may know that I favour Easyjet because it has a wide variety of routes plus it is quite an efficient airline in terms of being on time. Furthermore, it is quite cheap with a good selection of in flight service.

What about you folks?


I think Ryanair is a very interesting budget airline in Europe, especially considering their route network and their hubs. I might get berated for saying this, but I think Ryanair is the best budget airline in Europe.

It just is EasyJet, only airline I fly with around Europe, crew are the kindest, pilots allow you in their flying office, cheapish and lets not forget their calzones are amazing, like we’re talking Gordon Ramsay quality :yum:

Stop thinking I am weird lol @Ondrej back me up on the calzones :joy:

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The King of Trouble Ryanair

The really Easy, Easy jet!

That is right! I’ve not ever had their pilots say no.

EASYJET!!! So orange and cool and pretty and they have nice documentaries



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Surprise surprise I’ve watched all of them :sunglasses:

Their livery is also cool.

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It’s going to have to be EasyJet for me. Lots of regionals I’ve flown on them (mainly within the UK) has been pretty good, not to mention that the crew are pretty friendly compared to RyanAir, which, let’s be honest, are not the best most of the time.


easyJet flown them and was a pretty decent experience

at least they dont break planes like Ryanair lol

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I’ve only flown one: Easy Jet. so I’ll just go with them.

Because I haven’t flown on any of them, I’ll go with EasyJet because they have a good TV show.

Edit: Scrolling up I see that @Ondrej and @CPT_Colorado have also seen them. Noice.

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Easy, easyJet

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Ryanair because of them hard landings. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’ve never flown in britian and I’ve never even been on a budget airline (weird flex I know).

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EasyJet is the best

Thought so. Glad you think that :grin:

They are so much better than airlines such as ryanair

Team easyjet rules in this topic right Thomas?