Why Airlines Didn’t Like The Boeing 757-300

The narrowbody 757 has been a great success for Boeing. Across all variants, the planemaker sold 1,049 aircraft. And it remains popular with many airlines today, never really having a true replacement for its size and range. It’s not all been a success story, though. One of the two variants launched by Boeing was not at all popular, with just 55 sales. Read on to find out what went wrong.

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I always thought that all 757 variants were popular… Guess I was wrong. I just googled the -300 and it really is extremely long hahah

Wasn’t there also an issue with the 757 height for the gates too?

It’s an extraordinary aircraft anyways!

The 757-300 isn’t as Economical as the 200 and spews out a hell of a ton of wake turbulence.