Why Haven’t Many Asian Airlines Ordered The Airbus A220?

The Airbus A220 has proven to be a capable aircraft since its introduction, providing the right capacity and range for the time. Despite its popularity in North America and Europe, only a few Asian carriers have ordered this new jet. Let’s find out why Asian airlines haven’t jumped at the A220.

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People on IFC during the A330 vs A220 vote:

The A220 has more operators and is more diverse :clown_face:


Haha fr, plus IF need to rework their aircraft fully before they make more

I understand and agree with the fact that people choose an A330 rework over an A220 being brought into the game, but what I don’t understand is that they make those polls as the only options being their next update. There are more important planes in the game that even more people request for lmao

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I agree with that!

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