Why Most Airlines Don’t Have A Row 13 On Their Planes

Have you ever looked at an aircraft seat map, or noticed the numbering when onboard, and realized that row 13 is missing? This practice is followed by several airlines worldwide as a response to the superstitious belief that the number 13 is unlikely.

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jetblue enters the chat


And that’s good because 13 is my favorite number. My birthday is on the 13th.

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Seems unlucky

Easyjet has row 13 as well. Just because some people think it is unlucky doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be there.

Same haha.

Honestly this just makes it confusing imo, it’s impossible to avoid the number in most places so why do it on some airplanes?

double 13, and you get the day of my birthday

What month lol

I don’t know why people hate against 13. It’s just a number. 13 is my favorite number because it’s like… Cool I guess. I’m not exactly sure why is my favorite number, I think I just like it because it’s my birthday. I feel like for 90% of the people, their birthday is their favorite number. Except for those people that only like seven for some reason. Now don’t get me wrong, I like seven but like… That’s not my favorite number

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