Will There Ever Be A Bigger Passenger Plane Than The Airbus A380?

The Airbus A380 has had a difficult last few years, starting with the program’s cancellation in 2019. Then, in 2020, the drop in demand caused by the ongoing coronavirus pandemic led to many of the type being put into storage, or even retired. But has the world moved onto smaller aircraft forever, or will we see such large aircraft again in the future?

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I don’t see a passenger plane ever being bigger than the A380. The A380, sadly due to the pandemic, is being retired by many airlines because of the expense it requires to operate. If you had a bigger aircraft, it would take even more more than it does already to operate the A380, which is why I don’t think this will happen.


I don’t think so, the maintenance costs are very high, while occupying a B787 or A350 is much cheaper, although it cannot transport the same number of passengers, in 2 sections it can be done without exceeding the costs of an A380.

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I agree with the posts above. Why have something bigger when cheaper alternatives exist?

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I believe the A380 was developed with airport congestion/slot restrictions in mind (hence its high capacity). Nowadays, people tend to like smaller planes with more frequencies rather than huge planes and few frequencies. The A380 is also hard to make profitable unless it’s basically full (afaik), and its fuel costs and the specialized gates/taxiways it needs probably don’t help either. I don’t think there will be another plane the size of the A380, much less a bigger one.