WTF is Project Connect

Airbus is working with Cathy Pacific on what has been dubbed Project Connect, a project to allow commercial aircraft with passengers to fly single pilot during long haul flights while cruising in the flight levels.

I for one take HUGE issues with this. There are numerous safety issues that forbid this from ever happening. 1: potential for pilot suicide, see Germanwings Flight 9525(oh look, it’s also an airbus plane) 2: pilot becomes incapacitated, ATC needs to contact the flight before the other pilot comes back, who is there to field the call and advise ATC of the new medical emergency on board. 3: who’s to stop the pilot flying from taking a nap due to boredom this leading to a partial issue 2, where ATC can’t contact the flight.

I hope the FAA (with pressure from the pilot’s unions here in the US) proves to ban single-pilot operation under Part 121 or ban it under part 91 for aircraft with a capacity of more than 20 people(the reason for that number is to encompass all airliner’s but letting private flight go single-pilot during all phases like it’s been for years).


It’s absolutely great news! I really hope it goes ahead because people will see who is the TRUE trash manufacturer :smirk:

Seriously, that’s N E V E R going to happen



No, Airbus is not trash.

Anyway, I do not support this proposal since it would bring a lot of safety issues mentioned above, and just to save money and pilot training costs?


Wanna see the best part? It won’t! Look the MAX. Boeing saved money rushing the MAX, but any savings were wasted fixing it. Less people will fly Airbus, and if a Germanwings happens, well the airline will waste all the savings it has made with single-pilot ops!

Yes it is :smirk:, if it wasn’t it wouldn’t ever think of doing this crap


ok guys, any airbus vs. boeing fighting can head on over to here: Airbus vs Boeing

(any other comments that make sense can stay here)


Just reading the article title I know this is a really bad idea. What is Cathay playing at?! That is a bit (very) concerning for flight safety?


That’s all businesses are after nowadays the profit motive and don’t care much about anything else. Idk take Boeing for example. Rushing aircraft, cutting corners so they can secure orders faster.


Cathay are really putting cost cutting before safety here and it’s not on.


If they cut corners to the point that safety is impacted, I’m afraid the result would be similar to what happened to the 737MAX.


Well they already did

If they didn’t, they’d never THINK on implementing such a disaster that us single-pilot ops

I bet you not even Ryanair or easyJet would try to cut costs that much


Exactly. In case you didn’t know, Cathay’s service has already been going downhill over the past 4 or 5 years due to cost cutting, and I can’t believe they will even think of flying a large airliner with one pilot.

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I was just pointing out the Germanwings 9525 was in an A320, and that’s it.

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Coincidence? I think not :smirk:

jk it is a coincidence

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Great now they’ll lose a big chunk of their pax

The plan will most likely backfire, yes

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Some greedy exec at CX: So let’s cut pilot cost by half!
Some other exec: At the cost of 70% of the revenue?
The greedy guy: Nah whats so bad abt 1-pilot airplanes ppl won’t even know

2 seconds later: CX ceases to exist


I’m willing to bet that when it becomes a reality it will be reported by news companies everywhere