Yoke vs. Sidestick

What is better, yoke or sidestick? They both have their advantages. I am a strong believer in sidesticks, as they give the pilots more freedom of movement in the cockpit. What do you think?


You forget that even with a yoke, pilots still must use just one hand, because the other hand is on the throttle. Captain has to use his left hand, FO has to use right. This is the same whether yoke or sidestick.


Exactly. Look at the difference in leg room between A220 and E195, @BonaireDude
Airbus A220-300 Begins Demo Tour of Asia
So spacious
The E195-E2's cockpit: full fly-by-wire controls (Thiago Vinholes) - Air  Data News
Cramped. Plus the Embraer yoke is just stupid lol

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100% agree. I mean what is that weird M shaped yoke lol. The A220 has a nice modern, clean and spacious cockpit. Makes for a better work space.

Tell that to A-4 pilots, clearly I’d rather be a bit less comfortable than flying into a farmhouse because of how stupid the idea of a joystick is, like right hand (FO) might be doable but left hand? I’m not a leftie so…

I made a debating topic so we don’t fill up a IF post lol

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Based of looks control i’d say yoke but I haven’t tried either so i’m not sure… I also prefer boeing so… :slight_smile:

It would be cool to go in a actual machine simulator and try both out…

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I just like the idea that my actions are checked against erroneous inputs with Airbus and as mentioned previously more space in the cabin. What a shame there isn’t a tray table in Boeing cockpits AFAIK :upside_down_face:

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I once used a sidestick

I flew into the bloody terminal

Well thousands of Airbus planes take off without problem every day… With a sidestick… So I wouldn’t say that the sidestick caused your crash.

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It did actually once irl

Yes, but that was only once out of millions of Airbus flights still

Probably because you are not used to it / or were not willing to use it.

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I was talking about irl, if it were me I’d be dead

Sounds like a personal problem :smirk:

Bruv those things gonna cause crashes, or have already

Yoke. Hands down.


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If a pilot is trained in using a sidestick, then I see no issues.

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I personally prefer a yoke as it gives the feel of actually controlling the airplane when a sidestick would just kidna feel like you are playing a video game/

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