You Could Own An Ex-Southwest Boeing 737-300 For $550,000

If you’ve got a spare half a million lying around and have some sky-high ambitions, there’s an investment just waiting for you. A vintage Boeing 737-300, formerly operated by Southwest Airlines, is being offered for sale for less than the price of a new Ferrari. Here’s what you need to know.

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yes please. if I could afford it :laughing:

737-300 > Ferrari

Let’s be Real - only an idiot would get the Ferrari compared to an Airliner even if you weren’t an aviation enthusiast! :heart_eyes:


Hmm… would be a nice upgrade. Would still settle for the 737-300 though! Anyone have a spare $550,000? I just checked out the listing for this lol.

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Cheaper than a Ferrari! I’m in!

Ight, if we each chip in probably about 200K for the plane and some new engines we could probably pull this off.


Good idea! Ill just go pick some wads of cash off my money tree brb! :crazy_face: We’ve always talked about an AWW mascot - this could be our chance! Aha!

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