Your aviation stories & the unknown!

Hey AWW!

I was thinking and personally I have never been on a flight where any issues or emergencies or even anything weird worth overlooking but I was wondering if you guys have and maybe the story behind it!

The only thing I can think of that was weird (not an emergency or scary thing) but I was flying SFO - LAX about 5 years ago and there was an issue at LAX so we did a 20 minute holding pattern above LAX, I still don’t know why this happened but as it was happening I was quite eager to know what was going on!

What do you have to share? Could be anything!


Edit: I was just informed by one of my family members that when we landed into Turks & Caicos (10 years ago… why I don’t remember) we blew a tire, it was a dirt runway but I don’t think that was the only reason…


The issue into LAX was most likely weather, I once had a tight connection in CLT, and the weather wasn’t great and we were holding for like 20 minutes, that being said, we were approaching the airport early anyways, still made the connection, but I wasn’t happy with the weather because I didn’t get to go get food.

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That’s the thing it was like 75 and sunny… but who knows!

oooh close call! Oh that’s annoying! Tight connections can be quite tuff.

Back in 2017 I was doing Jamaica - Huston - SFO and we only had 35 minutes to get on the Huston - SFO and we had to go through customs and everything! Definitely not the smoothest event, we got to the gate like 3 minutes before they closed the boarding door some real Home Alone movie type stuff :joy:

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ooof, one time I was expecting a very similar situation, but the plane I was boarding was delayed for some reason or another.

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yeah, that’s super strange, where you like approaching LAX early, because if you were it’s possible that congestion and they wanted you to hold until closer to your scheduled time.

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Nope we departed on time which yea is super weird…

damnnn yuup I feel that. Worse delay I had was 5 hours sitting on the tarmac at EWR.
My dad sat on the tarmac at Newfoundland in a 747 for 19 and a half hours during 911. I could’t begin to imagine

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I was actually at Dublin airport, before a flight to Amsterdam when I found out MH17 crashed. And I was heading home a week later. The thing is, my connecting flight that week from Amsterdam was to Kuala Lumpur. I was on the flight a week after MH17.

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Wow that’s quite lucky! Wonder if it was scary to fly knowing that !? Glad your here with us! :earth_africa:

I’ve had my fair share of experiences, including a 6 hr delay at Leo’s favorite airport (SFO), but one of them definitely sticks out.

A little over a year ago, I took Southwest Airlines from Dallas-Love Field - Las Vegas. It was a rather ghetto flight, in the sense that the pilots NEVER said a word for the entire flight. Not even once, very eery. Anyways it was a night flight, and it was raining pretty hard upon arrival into Vegas. Extreme turbulence coming in from the east into Las Vegas, heavy rain, and not a single word from the pilots. We were at about 10K feet and landing lights turned on when the cabin crew finally announced we were descending.

Cabin crew quickly collected trash (they were literally speed walking/light job down the cabin and telling us to return our seats to their full upright position. Wasn’t a bad landing into Las Vegas but still, was there a audio or communication issue between the pilots and everyone else? Because it was clear that the flight attendants had no clue for some reason we had started our descent and were rushing to prepare the cabin for landing. And I did not hear the pilot’s voice once throughout the flight, and yes I was awake the whole time. Anyways, odd flight.

Here’s a pic or two of that eery flight:


Impossible SFO doesn’t know how to delay planes. They’re too good!

Yea that’s really weird!!

That is so strange, I have never seen/heard anything like this before! I really wonder what was going on and what the flight attendants thought/knew!
Thx for sharin pal :slight_smile: quite the strange event!

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Maybe the pilots weren’t very talkative :stuck_out_tongue:

However that is pretty weird. I would also find it eerie if the pilots don’t say anything and the cabin crew were


I know this is about my aviation stories but frankly mine are boring so I thought I would talk about my worst delay instead.

It was a night flight back from New Zealand heading to Singapore for a quick stop before going back to London Heathrow. It was snowing heavily down and we had just checked our bags in and sat down for a bite to eat. But then. Shock horror we heard the announcement that my entire family was dreading - the airport was now closed due to a severe snow storm advising people not to use transport. What made matters worse were every single hotel was booked up and our baggage was lost. So we were stranded in a random airport on the other side of the world to home with not a single change of clothes, toothbrushes - nothing.

So we set up base for the night. Found a corner next to the toilets - not my choice either but the airport was absolutely packed with people in the same situation. We took shifts people sleeping and then some staying awake until the morning. And then to make matters worse - yes. It was still snowing. AHHHH… The airport was packed and there was a long hotel waiting queue but we were in luck - as we got to the queue a room was made available and without a doubt we said yes! We waited out in it for a good few hours until the snow was clear and transport was back running! And then. Our flight was called - well over a day late seeing as it was back to night by now… Not my favourite experience but definitely a journey that I will remember… Just shows how reliant the aviation industry is on weather. The End. Aha!


Dang! Quite the journey!! Really sounds like something out of a movie :joy::skull:. Lucky you and your fam got home safely!

when you didn’t even know they New Zealand got snow :upside_down_face::woozy_face:

Thats the thing as well! It never gets snow and thats why it was so under prepared! First time in a good few years! Haha!

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Wow!! That’s such a coincidence! :joy::skull:

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Typical for KLAX lol

The most unsual experience I had was on an Envoy flight from KDCA to KXNA. The flight wasn’t what was weird though; we boarded ato around 20:30 and didn’t get into the air until an hour later. Apparently the hospitality truck was late. I was thinking, “Man, I love apple juice and pretzels, but I could be halfway home by now!”