Your dream PC/ Flight Simulator Setup!

Hey all!

We all see these crazy simulator setups that some people have and I was wondering what everyone’s ideal or dream set up. I’d personally like to have a yoke and a throttle, foot pedals are a little much in my opinion but would be cool. Feel free to debate different brands of yokes + simulator equipment that you may prefer over others and why. Also, has anyone ever been in a real simulator (ones like the airliners use?


Just more honeycomb stuff ig…

Oh nice, anything specific? I’d probably get something like this - Honeycomb Alpha Yoke + Bravo Throttle Quadrant Bundle -

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I really like all the honeycomb stuff, it’s what I use

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Well, Infinite Flight turns flight simulator enthusiasts into minimalists lol. I would personally just want to upgrade my iPad to an iPad Pro, get a desk and add some colorful LED lights to it.


Not a bad upgrade tbf.

What colour would you choose? :laughing:

I have an iPad pro, too big imo. My little iPhone is way more useful to fly with.

Don’t really play those weird mobile sims anymore though, were taking up too much storage anyways.

I’d get the 11 inch one, which is small.

Makin me sad :smiling_face_with_tear: Jk

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Blue, Purple, or Red. Those make me feel relaxed. And maybe some Jazz playing I’d probably instantly switch it to the butter song lol