Zip-type files

.zip, .rar, and .7z files are very common for storing a larger file in a small vessel, and for those of us who make things for X-Plane and the Flight Sim series among other things would definitely find this useful if we want to share things with each other or with you, so I’d like to be able to upload them to the AWW and I’m sure others of you would as well.

@Ondrej is this possible?

Just finding out storage wise.

Hi Baseball!

Just a quick update. We are trying to sort out the logistics of inputting this and of course taking into account safety issues that arise from it. We should have an answer for you soon however. Thanks.


I would love this! Hopefully it is possible!

Hello Hello! 🤙

Just wanted to give a final update on this feature which I can assure you has been talked about multiple times by both the Staff & Technical Team. Upon closer examination due to both Storage and Security/Safeguarding Issues we will be unable to input this as of now onto our platform without being 100% certain no strings will be attached affecting software on your devices or on ours. We do apologise for this but our upmost priority is maintaining a safe and sturdy platform for all. Please as always leave any Questions down below and feel free to create a new topic if you want anything else added! Thanks guys! ❤️

-Cign (the most awesome admin)


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I beg to differ